Sunday, May 11, 2008

"Thank you Robert Smith!! Disintegration was the best album ever!!!"

If I ever doubted that I'm just not 20 anymore, the morning after a Cure concert is definitely a confirmation. My butt? Was dragging in the dirt. The concert was great although it was a little startling to see Robert Smith about 30 lbs heavier... why I unconsciously expected him not to have aged, I do not know. The only real downside to the concert was the acoustics of the Patriot Center, which caused just enough echo to muddy the sound. And oh yes, the pissed-off looking blonde chick sitting with Her Man next to us. She sulked and pouted through the whole thing and plunked this incredibly huge shiny black plastic purse (only half the size of a VW Bug) down and refused to move it should anyone have this misfortune to need to squeeze past her. I know that three persons finally deliberately stepped on the thing; someone should have punted it, really.

I actually considered it, but I was tottering in a pair of shoes borrowed from my friend (because I am SMRT, s-m-r-t), as I had forgotten mine and did not realize until we were getting ready to leave her house. I figured that attempting a field goal in heeled sandals was probably tempting fate. Also, it would be out of place to be aggressive and bitchy at a Cure concert, after all.

A highlight for me was actually checking out the crowd. There were some excellent Goth ensembles (I covet that one chick's pillbox hat. Truly.) and plenty of 40-somethings reliving our youth. There was one guy in a sports jacket and every time we looked at him, we had to grin because he was the HAPPIEST looking guy I think I have ever seen in my life. He looked like Drew Carey and he was completely, absolutely rocking out with a grin that never faded. It just made you happy to watch him.

Oh and... a certain friend has apparently been reading my blog because a box showed up at my door yesterday. A long cardboard box containing... (drum roll, please)

That's right. Stress Relief in a Box. A zim-zam game.

Said friend is now owed about a gazillion favors. Thank you to the power of about 23 trillion. I AM NOT WORTHY.

Oh and Happy Mothers Day to all.

Do not adjust your set, we are experiencing Technical Difficulties

Also? Between Blogspot & my stoooopid Motorola Q (or maybe its actually Sprint, I don't know), I have been having a terrible time posting comments on a large number of blogs. Lately, it especially seems to have issues with Wordpress and some templates. So if you don't see comments from me, I AM reading but its a toss-up whether I can leave you a note.


Curiosity Killer said...

Awwwww - happy Mother's day to you!! You're so worthy. Any woman who can spell "s-m-r-t" is my kinda girl. :)

The Father of Five said...

Wow... I am so jealous! Of all the bands that I listen to, The Cure is at the top. I have been a huge fan of The Cure for many years!

Live... Yup, I saw them live once... It was the Disintegration Tour... But, unfortunately I had a bit too much to drink in anticipation of the show, and remember only portions of it....

Since The Cure are not hitting Minnesota this time around, and my days of road-trippin' to a concert have long past - I will not be able to see them perform. Perhaps one day...

I do have to disagree with you on one point though... While I did enjoy Disintegration, I liked Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me so much better.. (My first introduction to the Cure was through Kiss me - maybe that has something to do with it...)

And then, for a die hard Cure fan, NOTHING, and I mean NOTHING beats the trilogy of Seventeen Seconds, Faith and Pornography...

When I am in a down mood, I still to this day (20+ years later) will sulk to those CD's!

Happy Mother's Day - and nice to meet another Cure fan!

Gerbil said...

True true, but that was a quote from South Park's episode 112 in which Mecha-Streisand was trashing South Park and they had to call in Robert Smith to save the day as Mothra. Obscure Quotes R US, at yer service.

Betsey Booms said...

Next Monday!!! I'm going! Thanks for the review by the way.

Anonymous said...

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