Thursday, May 8, 2008

I'll take Women Who Need to Get a Grip for 500, Alex!

Short Stuff is watching one of his Baby Einstein dvds that he got from his grandmother - he prefers the one on shapes because he thinks the lion hand puppet is funny. The DVD also features some computer-generated characters, notably a box of crayons which jump out of their box and dance and run around. Three of the crayons have long eyelashes and three do not.

And there I sit with my son, and I catch myself muttering about the continuity errors in the BE episode because sometimes the yellow crayon has long eyelashes and sometimes it doesn't. I have to admit, that is an embarrassingly stupid thing to notice.

In addition, the house was stuffy when His Shortness and I arrived home. While my boy played, I took a few minutes to change out of my work clothes. I am definitely no fashion plate and my at-home wear could possibly be called frumptastic... if you were generous. I live in mortal fear of the What Not to Wear show.

Since I was hurrying, i grabbed the first things that came to hand, an old tshirt that shows too much (imaginary) cleavage and a pair of yoga shorts that i would not be caught dead wearing outside of the house...

Fast forward about 3 hours to my husband looking at me with a puzzled expression. ''Are you wearing those shorts like that on purpose?''

And I sighhhhhhhed. ''yeah, I know they're super short. I just needed to throw something on so I didn't sweat to death.''

''Um... I meant the fact that they're inside out.''

oh snap.

Its a wonder they let me cross the street by myself these days.


my4kids said...

We could have a lot of things to talk about if we ever met. I am so like that. I get lost in our tiny town....a hard thing to do according to others but not me! Also very frumptastic at home...

Suzie said...

I know that TLC show will come knocking on my door any time now. Its just scary!

Betsey Booms said...

I love the inside out clothing days!

And I critique my kids videos too. You're not alone.

And for the record, I love your card carrying Republican, Coach purse carrying, designer suit wearing self.

I make exceptions, you know. ;)

Allie Bear said...

LOL at the shorts, I put on my underwear on inside out all the time and then notice when I'm peeing in a public bathroom with really bright lighting, I'm like that's weird, they put the tag on the outside?
As for finding bad editing in movies, I do that all the time. On Tuesday I was watching Samantha Who? and there was a scene where Andrea was holding a cup of coffee and then the cut to a different camera angle and the cup was gone and then back to the original angle and there was the cup again.

a Tonggu Momma said...

I recently committed to dressing better, especially when in public. Why? I can't stand the embarrassment when the Tongginator puts me in the public spotlight YET AGAIN with her daily antics. Then everyone stops to stare at me... and it's painfully embarrassing.

Shan said...

Oh that's funny.

My husband will do the same thing watching the kids shows. And I'm like Dude the fact that it's a talking hammer doesn't bother you, but the continuity errors do? Funny stuff.