Tuesday, March 27, 2007

When Kicking Butt... Aim For Someone Else

Ohhhhh mama. I came, I saw, I kicked major tuchus. Unfortunately, the glutes that got the most impact... were my own.

As I mentioned, Lunatic Me started my whirlwind at roughly 4am on Sunday morning. I finally waved the white flag and hit the showers (literally. I couldn't lift my arms above my head by then) at 10pm.

But by golly, I went down fighting the good fight. Or the anti-clutter fight. Or something.

And this morning, I was surprised to find THIS:

The one, the only, the Alpha Dude (accept no imitation! No, really... he's a hoopy frood indeed and I am pretty certain he knows HIS towel is.) said: "This gal can take normal every day happenings and present it in such a way that leaves you laughing, feeling her feelings or just sitting there saying, “Huh?” (note from Gerbil: Making People say "Wha?" and "HUH?" is my stock in trade. Bwah hah.). Always a pleasant visit. "

Well, butter my butt and call me a biscuit. Thank you, Alpha Dude!

Now, if you get tagged, you're supposed to write a post with links to 5 blogs that make you Think but have not yet been nominated, link to this post so that people can easily find the exact origin of this prestigious award, and display the 'Thinking Blogger Award' if you want to.

Ok, now this is the hard part. I'm still pretty new to this here Blogging concept and I am still wearing wearing my Blogging Floogles, so to speak. (Floogles. Right. Those inflatable arm bands? Well, when they first came out waaaay back in... gawd. 1970-something or other.... they were called FLOOGLES. I am old. And I remember weird crap. Carry on.) So I am still finding blogs and most of them seem to have been tagged already.

I'd definitely have to pick Velocibadger at Pardon the Egg Salad... not only lots of cool stuff to read on the blog, but she reads just about as much as I do and and I have found a lot of really interesting stuff through her links.

Frannie at the T Family Syndicate. (Remind me to add her to my list over there. I keep forgetting to update it lately. Bad Gerbil.) I enjoy her posts and she is also married to an asian man (although my husband is Korean).

And there's Robbin at My Level of Awareness , which I stumbled on during the Blog Party a few weeks back. She GETS IT. And she gets it and tells it in a way that makes me stop and say "ME TOO!!"

Canape at Don't Take the Repeats. I found her blog through a comment she left on one of my posts. I read her posts and find myself going with her... she's honest and observant and expressive.

Catwoman at Canadian Thoughts in Texas. Dear lord, can she make me giggle. I love her sense of humor.

Picking just 5 was hard. Made easier, however, by the fact that most of the ones I am currently reading have already been tagged!! And if you're visiting my site and I haven't scared hell out of you (yet), drop me a comment or two somewhere so I can visit your blogs as well. Throw a Gerbil a rope, here. Expand my world. I need a road map (along with the two hands and a flashlight.)


In other news, Jacob has begun to deliver editorial commentary on meal selections by way way of GAGGING. A child after my own heart. For example, on the menu last night was Beechnut brand Turkey. He likes Gerber, mind you. But the texture of Beechnut is entirely different... after the 5th spoonful of the Beechnut turkey, he made a face. The 6th spoonful? He rolled it around on his tongue, stuck his turkey-coated tongue out and gagged fit to kill. And then gagged a second time and spit it out onto the tray of the high chair, finishing with a very very dirty look. I soothed his troubled soul with banana/pear/apples and all was right with the world again. Cross THAT one off the list.

And now I'm going to go make some coffee and begin the day. (As opposed to the Beguine. Somebody? Can you explain how to shut the Randomize feature off in my brain? It's giving me a headache.)

Later, Taters.


velocibadgergirl said...

Hey, there...thank you so much for thinking of me. I'm actually pretty honored, because I think you kick serious booty in the writing department.

Also, I really think we need to make Jacob into a YouTube star. He sounds hilarious!


Kimberly said...

Hee hee...butter your butt. I'm going to be giggling over that all day. Congrats!

That Chick Over There said...

Yay awesome! I heart you and the way you write!

velocibadgergirl said...

PS I'm still chuckling over the title of this post.

Robbin said...

Wow - THANKS! That is my favorite blogging award, and it's the first one I have gotten, so I am pretty damned excited.

Thanks for coming by and reading. And I really enjoyed finding your blog - it sounds so much like the comedy of errors that is MY life!

canape said...

Aw shucks.

Thanks :)

Lone Grey Squirrel said...

Congrats. Thanks for the leads to other sites.

my4kids said...

I've seen your comments in several other blogs I visit thought I would pop by. Your pretty funny and I like random. I'll be back.

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