Sunday, March 11, 2007

The Best-Laid Plans of Mice and Gerbils.... Spring Cleaning!

So, after the worst of the fury wore off, the embarrassment set in. I shuffled into my kitchen for coffee and CLICK! The little gears in my brain all fell into place and I looked around and realized "awwwww daaaaaaaamn!"

The cop had a conference with me in my kitchen, which looked like... like... well.... like hell. Scary bad. Males leaving things on counters. Males spilling things. Various Costco-Sized containers of Barbeque seasoning (because men GRILL in this house and you must never GRILL without a gallon-sized jug-o-seasoning in case you need to appease the Seasoning Gods, I guess. Face it. Thanks to Costco, we can season the nearest stockyard.) taking up most of the space on the counters. All the empty bottles and cans that rightfully belong in the recycling bin, but hey! If you aren't tripping over them, then you still have space before they have to go out. And lets not forget that if you can compress the trash down into the can so it doesn't spill over, then you definitely don't need to take out the trash...

Ohhhhhh yeah. Now I remember. I ran myself ragged at work and said to myself "I am not going to do anything with this PIT until Saturday. I do not have the energy to face this."

Now, don't get me wrong... the males of the house will clean if you ask them to. But you also have to specify what you want done and sometimes HOW... and since my husband was bathing the baby and getting him ready for bed, I considered that worth more than kitchen time. Geez, its not like we were expecting anyone, right???

Gaaaah. The only problem is that once I get my ass in gear, the ADD kicks in and helpfully points out that when I do the counters, I've got to be sure to clean the cabinets and won;t that special cabinet cleaner be handy??? Oh yes, and the floors.... don't forget the oven door, and what about the side of the refrigerator.... which leads me to the wall... which reminds me that I really wanted to steam clean the living and dining room carpets... which reminds me that I need to Dyson both sets of stairs as well...

Eventually, I wound up having to go to Target for better cleaning supplies & more laundry stuff, which led to Babies R Us 'cause target didn't have Baby Oxyclean ( that stuff is the shiznit for baby poop, I'm telling you)... which reminded me that I needed Earth's Best SPINACH because Jacob loves it, and that can only be found at Safeway....

So uh. Right. My spring cleaning started at 9am this morning, but I've only gotten one load of laundry finished, half the kitchen done and the steam-cleaning helped but didn't work miracles on this cheap carpet. I also discovered that I really really REALLY need to clean out the refrigerator. I'm scared of my refrigerator, folks. I think it growled at me.

So what am I doing instead of finishing the cleaning? I'm on the computer! Yeah! Procastination at its best!

Also... some recent Jacob pictures because I feel like it.

You can see that I've got about a week before he's REALLY on the move..

"Um... that wasn't a fart. Help??"


canape said...

As long as you didn't have pink curlers, a housecoat, some slippers where toes shoe through, and a cig hanging out of your mouth . . . they've probably seen worse.

Jacob is absolutely adorable!

velocibadgergirl said...

If everyone had a shirt on during the cops' visit, you're a step ahead of anybody who's ever been on COPS, for sure.

Hooray for cute cute baby pics! I just love his expressive little face :D

Anonymous said...

He has such a gorgeously expressive little face. Good luck with his fast-oncoming locomotion skills; you'll probably need it!