Thursday, March 15, 2007

Back from the Pointless Forest*

I knew my computer was really crappy. (Ok, not as crappy as the TANDY I still own. Tandy, folks. Radio Shack's home brand of antique computer back in the day when a floppy really was floppy and larger than even a supersized Big MacHeartAttack) I don't remember exactly how old this paperweight is - that is the Husband's job, to keep track of All Things Technical Excepting Game Systems - but I don't think I should have tried to log on the other day to find it had only 1% system memory to work with. That's like me on some days.

So, naturally, I complained to the Husband. And naturally, he felt compelled to sit down and spend three hours wrangling with it. And naturally... the whole thing needs to be rebuilt, but we haven't gotten around to it any more than we've gotten around to any largish project that doesn't involve Costco or say... laundry soap. (I suspect that someone's actually smuggling laundry into my house because surely it can't be possible for three adults to produce this much laundry. Unless of course the baby laundry challenged it to a duel. Baby laundry... that's one mean sumthin-or-other)

Whatever. Its working now, more or less, and I can get online on a screen larger than a matchbook.

I could SORT of get online in the last two days because TechnoMan aka my loving Husband, had to renew the cellphone contract and replace his phone, as the battery was truly fried. So, he kindly replaced mine, too, and got me a Motorola Q (akin to a Blackberry.) We had to wait a few extra days for this little gadget, as the Knowledgable Sales Rep was programming it on Saturday, promptly put the battery in backwards (as he was telling my husband never to do that) and apparently toasted the unit and had to order a replacement. Truly... a Gerbil Phone.

It does all kinds of things but I have come to realize that the danged thing is in fact smarter than I am and its pissing me right off. It took me two days to figure out that the volume setting is under PROFILE and not SOUNDS. Sure, it came with an instruction book. And just as surely.... I did not read it. Hey, I'm visually-oriented and learn by screwing things up (aka hands-on experience).

It does access the web but apparently I need a magnifying glass to read most things and the thought of trying to post anything longer than one of my average thoughts was too daunting. And I'll wear my thumbs out on a dual-shock controller, thankyewverramuch.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaand in other news. I allowed the teenager to take his baby brother for a walk yesterday (he's grounded until the cows come home. As I don't have any cows, I expect this will be quite a wait.). It was about 75 degrees out and gorgeous. The baby loves a late afternoon walk, it let the teenager burn off some energy, and he did exactly as specified - no stopping to see anyone, no doing anything but walking with baby. Besides, that gave me time to wash the spinach out of my hair AND my ear. (ust knowing you have pureed spinach in your ear is enough to really bum one out.)

Howevah. The Schadenfreude Fairy gave me a leeeeetle present. My husband came home and said "What is it about a white Mustang? Isn't that someone who's been a problem?" I turned slowly. "Yeessssss, why?"
"Because they're getting arrested at the top of the street."

The kid my son was buddy-buddy with, who was driving illegally, with an open bottle of tequila on Friday? Yep. Same kid. Getting arrested. Again.

"I let Teenager cross the street in front of me," my husband continued, "he's gonna walk right past it."

I met the boys on their way back in.
"Was that..."
"YES! How'd you hear about it?"
"Your stepdad just told me. Aren't you glad you aren't with him right now?"
"yeah, no kidding. One of the cops was the one who was here when I ran away, too."
"Did he see you?"
"I don't know, but everyone else did. And I was just walking my baby brother, not pissing anyone off, not getting in any trouble."
"That's kind of the idea, goofball."

You really think that kid would get the point by now.

I have my MRI this evening. And I managed to piss off the pancreas again this week... I'm not sure exactly how, but its really getting on my nerves. The side effects ain't exactly a picnic either and I am SO not going there. I'm not expecting anything to show up on the scan, but I'm still pretty grumpy about the idea.

also... its the Ides of March. My most unfavorite day of the year. And also the day I always stop to remember my friend Stephanie and say a little prayer. Its been a long time babe, and I still cry. I'm not mad at you anymore; I know the pain was more than you felt you could bear and you couldn't see any other way out. But it still hurts and I still miss you. Requiescat in pace.

*Three points to anyone named Oblio.


Catwoman said...

I'm sorry about your friend... The pain never fades...

I'm glad your teenager avoided another visit with the men (and women) in blue. Good thing for little brothers, whoo-hoo! And parents who care enough to ground him.

velocibadgergirl said...

Spinach in the ear must be a bummer :P

My condolences also about your friend...**HUGS**

And hooray for the teenaged boychild using his brain this time around!

whymommy said...

My heartfelt sympathies to you on the loss of your friend.

I wish I could say more to ease the pain that lingers....