Thursday, April 5, 2007

We Don't Need No Water, Let the $#@%^&*@!#%$ Burn

Apparently my brain can only hold so many things. Finite capacity... if capacity is reached, something must be deleted before uploading new content.

Especially during times of stress. AAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand I proved that this week, oh yes indeed I did!

I forgot to pay the water bill. Like, totally FORGOT I HAD a water bill. Paid the cable, the insurance, the rent, the storage unit, the gas, the electric, the daycare, the trash service, etc, etc, etc.

But not the water. And around here? There's no grace period. If you are late, they shut you off.

So uh. Yeah. Guess how I figured out that I'd forgotten about the water bill. The whopping $40 WATER BILL. Good lord. It costs more than that to fill up my gas tank AND I STILL FORGOT ABOUT IT.

So I called them up, admitted I was a moron, paid by phone with the added "convenience fee" (don't even get me started) of $4.95 for the privilege of paying over the phone, was generally treated by the rep as Unworthy Scum Who Failed To Pay Her Water Bill, got a LECTURE from her and then they turned it back on.

I called my husband and 'fessed to my stupidity and I married a kind man because he just laughed. And now I have water but am really pissed at myself. And also wondering what else I am forgetting?

I need a wife.


Brown Eyed Girl said...

OH My God.

You and I share a brain.

I remembered YESTERDAY (so the 4th) to pay my rent.

They say after the 5th there is a "late fee" but as long as it's postmarked by then they don't care.

So I mailed it from the town it had to go to hoping it would go faster and atleast it's postmarked the 4th.

I wonder too..what else am I forgetting.

frannie said...

when you find where to get a wife, please clue me in.

Kimberly said...

Need a wife...good gracious, that's going to have me giggling all day.

Crap...I forget to pay off the visa!

Catwoman said...

Yeah, I almost forgot to pay my $15 visa card bill... Bastards don't send me a bill in the mail anymore and I don't get one by email.

I remembered the night before and paid it online.

I would have so ticked off if they'd charged me the $35 late fee plus finance charges for a $15 bill...

And our water people suck too. I accidentally paid them twice three months ago.

So I didn't owe them anything the following month and so last month, I forgot about them. And wouldn't you know it, they threatened to cut off the water too. And I was all like "seriously? I overpaid you two months ago! Am I THAT bad of a customer?????"

So did you bathe with evian water that day?

my4kids said...

I figured out this morning I forgot to pay my cell bill and they aren't very patient either. I signed up for the email reminder but guess what I look on my blog for messages then my regular email...Is that sad?

Dr.John said...

Everybody misses a bill now and then. You need a bilkl place and put them all therte when they come in and remove them as they are paid. Check it every day.

Alpha Dude 1.5 said...

I have a bill box. They are in the order that they need to be paid, with the date and amount written on front of the envelope.
Otherwise, I would most definitely forget.

Heeerrre's yer sign....

(sorry, I couldn't resist)

Gerbil said...

hee hee, I thought that too. And here's the REALLY sad part. I DO have a bill box. That's just a special kind of stupid...

canape said...

Yes, it would be lovely to have single place for bills. And then pay them when they come in.

Of course, that would work better if you and your spouse agreed on the bill place.

And if you weren't getting ready to move.

And in my case, if you didn't have 2 houses with 2 water bills and 2 gas bills and 2 power bills . . .