Sunday, February 4, 2007

How did I get here??

One might think that natural paranoia would preclude blogging. Perhaps I've lost my mind... or maybe I just like the idea of talking to myself instead of yammering at friends and family until they start trying to knock themselves unconscious in a bid for peace.

I also have a bet with myself on how quickly I can screw something up, this being my first cautious venture into the world of blogging. I don't even have a MySpace page... I'm so old-school, my first computer efforts involved 17 hours of typing code into a Commodore 64 in order to play some primitive RPG. My friend dutifully poured coffee into me as I labored through the night and it was with dizzy relief that we rebooted and watched the DOS-based game start up. Sadly, the program that had been printed in the magazine had numerous typesetting errors and would not function.

You are in a forest. You see a tree. And a bucket.
pick up bucket.
There is no bucket.
you just said there was a bucket!
Syntax error
Don't syntax error ME you plastic paperweight! YOU said there was a bucket!
Syntax error
Whatever. Keep your damned bucket then.
Syntax error

Apparently, arguing with computers is my answer to tilting at windmills. Accomplishes just about the same thing but it does make me feel better.

You know... sometimes that seems like the story of my life. Syntax error. (I have been known to mutter "There is no *^%#!! bucket" when something has just fallen to pieces. No wonder people think I'm nuts.)

I'm also a veteran of Short Attention Span Theatre. We'll see if this experiment in self-documentation lasts a solid week or HEY! Wanna ride bikes???!?

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